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So Close

So Close

This was a totally enjoyable read.  I found myself so immersed in the plot I often lost track of my surroundings.  I just love when that happens!  If you enjoy a good story you will love this one.  It was well developed around a strong leading character, Amanda who has lots of hardships in her life, yet you are rooting for her from page one.  That girl had spunk!  I was totally connected to her story and didn’t need steamy love scenes every other page to fill in dull spaces, as there were none.  I didn’t find myself skimming past any of it and hated that it ended.

We meet Amanda in the beginning working at a hotel.  We follow her through the book as she lands a job for an up and coming politician, Tom.  Lindsey, the wife of the candidate is another well developed character whose story line keeps you turning those pages.  The relationship these ladies forge drives the plot in many sections.  I felt close to both ladies and the many layers of plot resulting from this friendship were both heartbreaking and uplifting.  There were portions I laughed through and others I cried. The true gift of this book for me was the emotional connection to Amanda.

I hope for a second book that will continue her journey.  This book is out early June and is available for preorder now.  Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for allowing me to read and review the book.  I highly recommend it for your next women’s fiction summer read.  Just in time for your first trip to the beach! I’d love to hear your thoughts if you read it.   Join me on Facebook to discuss at:



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