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Love Alice

Love, Alice, by Barbara Davis

It took me two weeks and six books to finally find one that held my attention.  A very sweet, unassuming book that will surprise you how readable it is.  Truly a simple story about a young girl forced to give up her baby in a convent home for unwed mothers.  The main character Alice’s story is told through a series of letters she wrote to her unborn child.

The story was really anything but simple.  There were so many layers to the plot.  On the surface you read about the mistreatment of young women in these unwed mother homes.  They were literally treated like slaves and abused, their babies sold to wealthy families in the United States.  On another level you have the main character, Dovie, trying to put her life together following the suicide of her fiancé.  Her relationship with Austin really had enough sexual tension to get your attention.  All of the characters really were well developed and likable.  It was Alice though, who grabs you by the heart strings and never lets go.  Not even at the bitter end.  She is still orchestrating the plot and quite masterfully at that.

I’ve not heard of this author, but will definitely be checking out any other books she has written.  Her attention to detail was not lost on me.  I truly enjoyed Alice’s story as sad as it was.  Due out in December 2016, this will make a wonderful gift for the readers on your list.  Available for preorder now.

Thank you Netgalley for providing me a copy to read and review.




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