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Into the Light

Into the Light (The Light Series Book 1)

A friend of mine recommended I check out this book.  She raved about it so I was sold.  I figured it would be a great kick off to my beach reading this week.

I’m the type of reader who hates being left hanging.  I like to wrap things up and read furiously until all is revealed to me.  For this reason I tend to avoid series, unless all the books in it have been completed.  I’m truly not a patient person.

Enter this book, Into The Light.  As I’m sitting on the beach reading, I’m patiently waiting to know exactly who Sarah is.  I have my suspicions but am anxious for the big reveal.  Suddenly, I notice I’m at 95% and nowhere close to it happening.  I start to get suspicious about this whole read.  I immediately go on Amazon to look and sure enough it’s the first book in a series. No fair!!

I didn’t want to like it now.  I didn’t want to have to do the whole waiting for the sequel.  But, alas as all good series books do, Ms. Romig left me hanging big time.  The mother of all cliff hangers was exposed.  Yes, I found out who Sarah really was.  But oh my was my mind blown up.  What just happened here.

I am purposefully not summarizing this one at the risk of revealing too much.  You’ll just have to trust me and get it.  I will, though, warn you upfront it’s a SERIES and the other books are not yet released.

Quick read with awesome mind twists.  Thanks Caroline.


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