January Reads

I loved this book so much.  I’m always hesitant to read dog books because in the end they usually die.  It is for this dog lover the worst part.  Loving a dog brings such joy and happiness. Losing a dog brings such sadness and heartache.   I wish they’d stay longer.

I heard about this book recently and that a movie was being made.  Figured I’d read it before then and boy am I glad I did.  The narration of this book was brilliant.  I was totally connected to the story from the start.  I even managed to get through the sad parts and there were many.

I found some hope here in these pages about dogs.  I know all of mine have had wonderful experiences and love.  It is my hope they feel my gratitude for all they have given me.

Recently, there was disturbing footage about the filming of this movie.  I’m outraged that it happened and will NEVER see the movie. I hope Mr Cameron speaks out about the mistreatment of dogs, as I know he is a dog lover.  You’d have to be to create this book. To allow this to happen and remain silent tarnishes your book.

It is also my hope that people do not boycott the book.  It is a gem that is meant to be read.  Avoid the movie, but please do read the book. It’s with every minute of your time.

I love anything Colleen Hoover writes. She is the master of creating couples, relationships, sexual tension and angst.  This one is no exception.  Lily and Ryle’s story creates the backdrop to a personal journey for Hoover.  Why do people stay in toxic relationships? And how easy is it to judge them.  Hoover perfectly captures this struggle in an unexpected, but powerful story.  Loved it!

A great read for all who are stuck in a never ending diet loop.  Always searching for the next plan and fix? This book will tell you in simple language why you are stuck in this never ending quest.  Endlessly plunking down money on the next fad but never quite conquering the issue.  Easy to read and truly common sense when you think about it.

We lost a great talent this past December.  During the coverage of her passing, I was reminded that Carrie was an author.  I knew this, but had never read her books.  I went on Amazon to check them out and picked up a few.

I was so pleasantly surprised when I read this book.  Carrie’s wit and honesty carried the book.  It also, I feel revealed her struggle.  Mingled in those words was hints of her mental struggles.  This book will touch your heart and also make you laugh out loud.

I forgot about this series that I had started.  I hate series because I hate waiting for the sequels to come out.  The conclusion, though I’d venture to say there will be a book 3, was as riveting as the first book Into the Light (The Light Series).   The series is a bit disturbing as you realize this cult brainwashing can and does happen.  Overall though, it’s a work of fiction that will keep you up late turning pages.  Aren’t those the best types!

My goal for 2017 on Goodreads is 85 books.   With titles like these, I’ll have NO trouble at all.   Happy reading!




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