Professional Reader

Welcome to my book blog. I am excited to share all things books with you here. Anyone who knows me well knows I’m totally addicted to reading. I’m often asked, “Is there anything you haven’t read?” The answer is, “Lots!” With so many great books out there I have miles to go before I can say I’ve read it all.

I do have very eclectic reading tastes, so rest assured you’ll find something here you’ll want to read. My current favorite genre is Psychological Thrillers. I mean who doesn’t want to stay up all night turning pages to find answers. Who doesn’t like their mind blown with twists and turns you never saw coming? Not many people.

That being said, I do also like feeling connected to strong characters. I like to laugh out loud and cry my eyes out. I like to form a relationship with my characters that lives beyond my time in their stories. True authors are masters at forging those relationships.

Each week I will share my reading life with you here in these pages. I’m excited to read and discuss books with you all. I also have a Facebook page for ongoing dialog that just can’t wait til Saturday. You know the kind I mean! The middle of the night dialogue when you say, “I never saw that coming!”, or “Oh my God are you kidding!” Search this page on Facebook to join the fun – Laura’s Book Blog.

I’m looking forward to our journey through books. Happy reading!


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